We are celebrating 10 years of creating without boundaries, beating the odds and having fun doing so. Our first project, Hide showed us that we can manufacture in the USA. We created leather and canvas bags using artisanal techniques, organic dyes, vegetable tanning processes and domestic materials for sale here and abroad.

Green allowed us the possibility to work with revolutionary farmers using ancestral techniques and the harvest of heirloom varieties of vegetables and meats, creating innovative recipes and a market for it, focusing on catering for the photography community.

Brown allowed us to design and build a neighbourhood cafe with ambitious goals for the food, wine and level of service that can be offered with a very small foot print and with one source of heat. A convection oven thus eliminating the myth that a professional kitchen with all its gadgets is needed to provide a world class dining experience.

Orange allowed us to build a private dining environment with a food and cheese commissary, since it’s opening we have been importing artisanal farmstead cheeses, charcuterie, extra virgin olive oil, vinegars and supporting the local cheese and slow food movement as well.

Yellow was started last year as our first non profit, a food awareness program for elementary schools in New York and beyond. Starting next year the program and curriculum will be broadcasted on our website free of charge to allow any school in the world to access and implement the program.

Black, our youngest project is set out to produce limited edition products fostering the collaboration of renowned artists with USA based manufacturers and vice versa. We firmly believe that everything is possible, our most important goal as a multi disciplinary creative group is to support each other and the community we live in. We do so with heartfelt initiatives that continue to inspire us and those we encounter.

Alejandro Alcocer, Founder